Monday Patch Queue Review update (2021-06-14)

Carlos O'Donell
Mon Jun 14 17:16:26 GMT 2021

I'm going to try send one of these out weekly to ensure the community
keeps seeing these updates and knows the patch queue reviews are making

Most recent meeting status is always here:

Meeting: 2021-06-14 @ 0900h EST (UTC-5)

IRC: #glibc on OFTC.

    Start at 291 patches.
    64-bit time_t patch review.
    Process startup issue. Seen by HPC developers.
    Question: Related to unversioned library installs.
        Haven't talked to Gentoo/Debian yet. 
    Start review at 43844
    Carlos to create 2.34 release page. (Now done).
    Patchwork has a way to update only one patch? 
    Follow up upstream with patchwork to post a new patch, just one v3 for a series.
        Change how pthreads synchronize with detach/join
        No ABI, can review into July. 
    ABI changes:
        Add close_range support on Linux
        New POSIX spawn file actions.
        _Fork() from POSIX. 
    43819 gconv configuration parsing cleanups. No ABI change.
    glibc 2.34 release blocker tracking bug.
        Link release page to tree-view. 
    43815 - Consolidated by Siddhesh working on them.
    43803 - Do not install shared objects under versioned. 


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