install location of math-vector-fortran.h

Florian Weimer
Mon Jun 8 11:03:08 GMT 2020

* Matthias Klose:

> [not subscribed to the libc-alpha list]
> GCC and glibc need to agree on the install location for math-vector-fortran.h.
> Currently it is installed into
>   /usr/include/finclude/math-vector-fortran.h
> However the file is architecture specific, currently only having
> variants for x86_64-*-gnu, x86_64-*-gnux32, and a generic variant.
> This creates problems when the file is contained in a Debian package
> which is marked as Multi-Arch: same, also it should create problems
> installing the i386 and amd64 rpm's on the the same system.  How to
> solve this issue?

Uhm.  If you want an upstream solution, you need to upstream your
multi-arch patches.

>  - The header file currently seems to be completely conditionalized.
>    Is it safe to assume that the x86 variant is still considered empty
>    for any other architecture?  Will it stay this way?  In this case
>    this variant could be installed everywhere, or better, glibc could
>    stop maintaining the variant at all.

I do not understand these questions.  The Fortran header is the
equivalent of the <bits/math-vector.h> C header.  Its contents depends
on what is necessary to describe the libmvec ABI.  We will only know the
ABI for libmvec once there is a port for other architectures, so future
evolution of the header is impossible to predict.


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