install location of math-vector-fortran.h

Matthias Klose
Mon Jun 8 10:52:36 GMT 2020

[not subscribed to the libc-alpha list]

GCC and glibc need to agree on the install location for math-vector-fortran.h.
Currently it is installed into


However the file is architecture specific, currently only having variants for
x86_64-*-gnu, x86_64-*-gnux32, and a generic variant.  This creates problems
when the file is contained in a Debian package which is marked as Multi-Arch:
same, also it should create problems installing the i386 and amd64 rpm's  on the
the same system.  How to solve this issue?

 - The header file currently seems to be completely conditionalized.
   Is it safe to assume that the x86 variant is still considered empty
   for any other architecture?  Will it stay this way?  In this case
   this variant could be installed everywhere, or better, glibc could
   stop maintaining the variant at all.

 - Move the file to an architecture specific location.  For multiarch that
   could be


   GCC would need patching to look at this location as an alternative.
   Are other tools need patching as well?  What would be the
   solution for co-installable i386/amd64 packages?

Thanks, Matthias

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