polynomial routines

Gert Van den Eynde gvdeynde@sckcen.be
Tue Jun 11 01:48:00 GMT 2002

Dear all,

I've extended the GSL polynomial routines with 

- a struct for polynomials (real coefficients)
- allocation (size >= degree + 1), freeing
- get/set, rescale coefficients
- memory copy
- basic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
of polynomials
- evaluation (only an interface to the already implemented Horner
- calculating the derivative and storing it in a new poly struct
- building a Sturm sequence
- calculating the number of real roots in an interval [a,b] using a
Sturm sequence

I've attached a gzip'ed patch against latest CVS sources.

No docs (yet) (I'm not really familiar with TeXinfo), so have a look in
gsl_poly.h for the routine specs.

All comments are welcome. I've tried to keep to the same coding
standard/style but I'm no real C hacker so I assume there are many
points for improvement.

Have a nice day,


Gert Van den Eynde
Reactor Physics & MYRRHA Dept
Boeretang 200
B-2400 Mol, Belgium

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