Some Questions on SVD Decompostion

Brian Gough
Tue Apr 16 23:59:00 GMT 2002 writes:
 > Dear Mr. Brian Gough:
 >  I have learned that you are expert at Singular Value Decomposion
 > (SVD) from the Website.  However, I am always afflicted by the
 > following questions:
 >  (1) how to make the Singular Value Decompostion of Complex Matrix?
 > (2) how to extend the singular value decompostion of Real Matrix
 > into the Complex Matrix?
 >  I hope that you can give some helps on this issue.
 >  Anyway, I will thank your helps very much in advance.
 >  Best Regards
 >  Your Wang Ping
 >  April 16, 2002.

GSL does not have any routines for complex SVD.
Maybe someone will write one in the future.

As an alternative there are complex SVD routines available in LAPACK
which can be used instead.


Brian Gough

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