GSL scientific "C" libraries installation/configuration problem.

narayan krishnan
Fri Apr 12 05:01:00 GMT 2002

Hi there!!!

I have some installation/configuration problems in GSL
scientific "C" libraries.
Let me first tell you that i'm new to UNIX/LINUX
I'll explain to you in detail what i did and where i
face problem.

(1)I'm using Red Hat Linux.
(2)C compilers used are gcc and g++.
(3)i downloaded a tar file gsl-1.1.1.tar.gz from a
mirror site of GSL.
i persume that gsl-1.1.1 is for latest version(v1.1.1)
of libraries, and i think this is the only tar file i
require to install/configure the c libraries.if i'm
wrong please let me know...
(4)i have directories in my system like
and many.
(5)At presnt i'm able to write my simple
"Helloworld.c" programs and compile
using gcc and g++ and run it successfully from any
(6)I copied The downloaded tar file(gsl-1.1.1.tar.gz)
to my "/home".
(7)Then i extracted the tar file using command
	$tar -zxvf tarfilename
(8)After Extracting, it created a folder called
gsl-1.1.1 under "/home" and 
inside that folder all files are extracted.
(9)After that i read their README file.,which asked me
to run four commands
for installation.
(10)The four commands which i run are
	(iii)make check
	(iv)make install

(11)According their instrutions , i opened the
KNOWN-PROBLEMS showed no error messages.So i
thought everything went off well.But it didn't...

(12)Here is my question---
where shud i write and save my C programs.?
what include path i shud write at the top in my c
programs to call gsl libs.?

(13)becoz now my c programs calling the GSL "C"
library functions.
throws errors like function not found,undefined
reference etc...

So can Anyone tell me where i shud start-to make my
programs run.




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