broken after libtoolswitch on

Thomas Walter
Tue Feb 8 06:50:00 GMT 2000

now after switching to Debian/Linux I did an 'cvs update' of my gsl
tree, copied it to another fresh location and started:
      libtoolize -c -f on

After some time I looked what it is doing and I am surprised.
Libtool generates the static and the shared libraries in each
subdirectory and then it removes '.libs/lib*.la'.
A check with 'cd sum; make install -n' show it wants to install the
headers only 8-(.
I located the problem (I think) in the script ''.
It has the rule
   s/pkglib_LIBRARIES/noinst_LTLIBRARIES/g ;
which says not to install the library.
I think it should be

Can anybody verify this?

A side question:
Does anybody know an algorithm to solve a five-diagonal system?
This could speed up my implementation of an approximating spline.
Currently I use a LU-decomposition (Crout) without pivoting.  This
works well because the matrix is diagonal dominant.
Hints are welcome.


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