setting up sim project web space

Mark Wielaard
Thu Jan 5 22:43:40 GMT 2023

[Apologies, I meant to include the gdb mailinglist in CC,
 but I cannot type... Now hopefully included correctly.]

Hi Mike, Hi gdb hackers,
On Wed, Jan 04, 2023 at 03:18:16AM -0500, Mike Frysinger wrote:
> On 30 Dec 2022 17:44, Mark Wielaard wrote:
> > On Mon, 2022-10-24 at 19:47 -0400, Frank Ch. Eigler wrote:
> > > [...]  it's been over a year since i requested hosting for the GNU
> > > > sim, and afaict, gdb is still not prepared to host it.  so what are
> > > > the next steps here ?
> > > 
> > > Sorry, can you remind us what new service you would like?  The sim/
> > > sources are still being developed/shipped with gdb, right?
> sorry, i'm not subscribed to the overseers group, so i don't see replies
> only sent to it.

Sorry about that. I have added the gdb mailinglist to the CC to make
sure the gdb maintainers can help us setting things up.

> the sim code is developed in the binutils/gdb monorepo.  it doesn't need
> gdb to build ... it works fine all by itself.  i'm not cutting releases
> for it today, so most people would get it via gdb releases, or by using
> git directly.
> > - Part of the online docs are generated by a script
> >   /home/gdbadmin/ss/update-web-docs
> >
> >   It isn't clear if this can simply be adapted to also generate the
> >   sim documentation. I don't see a
> >   doc subdir under sim though, so I am not sure how the sim
> >   documentation is generated.
> i haven't finished/pushed the manual yet.  i work on it in bursts, and
> unfortunately as i write it i find bugs in the sim & underlying projects,
> so i work on fixing those so i don't have to document the bugs.
> but for the purposes of this discussion, it's a standard texinfo manual
> like every other project in the binutils/gdb git tree.  although that
> would be just the documentation, not the general project website.
> > - The other website files are still in CVS. It would be nice if they
> >   could be moved into git. (If we do we have to adjust the above script
> >   and cronjobs slightly).
> > 
> > - The gdb-htdocs repo can only be updated by people in the gdb group
> >   (which is a subset of the src group which allows pushing to the
> >    binutils-gdb repo). Mike isn't a member of the gdb group, so cannot
> >   push to the gdb-htdocs to create a sim subdir there. And it seems the
> >   current setup, how and who is in the gdb group and can update the
> >   website pages, isn't fully documented.
> i guess it boils down to either someone adds me to the gdb group so i
> can create a sim/ subspace, or someone sets up a new space that i can
> push to.  totally fine to leave it open for other gdb/etc... folks to
> push to too (not sure what the acl groups look like).

So questions for the gdb maintainers:

- Are you OK with adding mike to the gdb group so he can update the
  gdb website and add a sim/ directory to add sim specific

- Do you want to keep the website in CVS or should we convert it to

- Or do you rather have a completely new and separate sim project
> in either case, i'd like to have go to the
> right place wherever that is.

Will do.



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