setting up sim project web space

Joel Brobecker
Fri Jan 6 06:22:58 GMT 2023

> So questions for the gdb maintainers:
> - Are you OK with adding mike to the gdb group so he can update the
>   gdb website and add a sim/ directory to add sim specific
>   documentation?
> - Do you want to keep the website in CVS or should we convert it to
>   git?
> - Or do you rather have a completely new and separate sim project
>   setup?
> > in either case, i'd like to have go to the
> > right place wherever that is.

My 2 cents:

- I currently have a cvsgit clone, which doesn't work well to keep
  it in sync with other people's changes, so it would be best if
  the htdocs CVS repo was converted to git first.

- Once it is in Git, I don't have a problem with Mike being given
  access to it;

- Whether it should be the same repo for both, or a different repo,
  I'm not sure. If the URL is, maybe
  it's best to keep it out. Otherwise, we'll have a sub-dir of
  the GDB website be a visible duplicate of the sim website.


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