GDB13 fails to build on MacOS using supplied GNU Bison 2.3

Thu Aug 31 14:01:34 GMT 2023

Hello Tom,

On 2023-08-31 15:31, Tom Tromey wrote:
>>>>>> "Torbjorn" == Torbjorn SVENSSON via Gdb <> writes:
> Torbjorn> All three versions of MacOS includes GNU Bison 2.3 and it appears that
> Torbjorn> this issue was fixed in GNU Bison 2.4.
> If the appended works for you (be sure to run some tests), I can check
> it in.

Not sure what you mean by "appended" here... I see no attachment and my 
mail clarily stated that I could not generate the configure script using 
the autotools.

> Torbjorn> Looking at the binutils tree, I see that sub-directory gprofng
> Torbjorn> contains bison.m4 and a check to confirm that at least version 3.0.4
> Torbjorn> is available.
> Torbjorn> I think the bison.m4 file should be moved up one level and used in
> Torbjorn> both gprofng and gdb, but I'm unable to re-generate the configure
> Torbjorn> scripts.
> I wonder if this would really help you, since presumably it would just
> reject your bison?

Well, what I was thinking was to have something telling the user that 
the sources requires version x.y of bison rather than silently breaking 
during the compile stage with some obscure error message.

> Another option might be to install bison from brew.  In this case it's
> probably fine but eventually we may want to require a newer Bison, and
> IMO we can't and shouldn't keep catering to Apple's problem
> indefinitely.

Yes, this is how I solved it on out system, but it's still not as 
helpful as a configure error would have been to let others know that the 
bison version is too old...


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