GDB13 fails to build on MacOS using supplied GNU Bison 2.3

Tom Tromey
Thu Aug 31 13:31:36 GMT 2023

>>>>> "Torbjorn" == Torbjorn SVENSSON via Gdb <> writes:

Torbjorn> All three versions of MacOS includes GNU Bison 2.3 and it appears that
Torbjorn> this issue was fixed in GNU Bison 2.4.

If the appended works for you (be sure to run some tests), I can check
it in.

Torbjorn> Looking at the binutils tree, I see that sub-directory gprofng
Torbjorn> contains bison.m4 and a check to confirm that at least version 3.0.4
Torbjorn> is available.

Torbjorn> I think the bison.m4 file should be moved up one level and used in
Torbjorn> both gprofng and gdb, but I'm unable to re-generate the configure
Torbjorn> scripts.

I wonder if this would really help you, since presumably it would just
reject your bison?

Another option might be to install bison from brew.  In this case it's
probably fine but eventually we may want to require a newer Bison, and
IMO we can't and shouldn't keep catering to Apple's problem


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