Proposal: Add review tags to patch review workflow.

Bruno Larsen
Mon Oct 10 12:31:54 GMT 2022

On 10/10/2022 13:27, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
>> Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2022 12:11:46 +0200
>> Cc:,
>> From: Bruno Larsen <>
>>> I'm not clear what I should do when I approve just part of a patch.
>>> It is frequently the case that a patch includes both code and
>>> documentation, and I'm approving just the documentation part(s).  Is
>>> that item 1 or item 2? or something else?
>> It's a bit up to you, if I'm honest. I would default to telling you to
>> use Reviewed-by, to avoid confusion, but if you want to say that the
>> "documentation parts are Approved-by", I am fine with it.
>> Just let me know if you decide to go with the second, so I can mention
>> in the wiki something like "make sure all of your patch is approved
>> before pushing".
> I don't mind either way.  This whole thing is a service to others, so
> I'll do whatever people prefer.  Let me just point out that my
> situation is not too unique: several other maintainers can approve
> only parts of patches.
Ah, so I'll suggest that you approve the documentation changes, and I'll 
mention that some approvers may sometimes only approve part of the 
patch, so one should make sure the whole patch is approved before pushing.


> Thanks.

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