gdb cannot find "../sysdeps/unix/syscall-template.S"

Linux Mercedes
Thu Jan 14 22:22:00 GMT 2016

> Why does this happen?

Neat! That makes sense; thanks for explaining the details.

> What is the true fix?  The distribution you are using (ie: I'm using
> Ubuntu) should *NOT* compile these files for GLIBC with debug records
> turned on (or the should *STRIP* all debug info from the object files
> and/or library).

> Also note: Debug records might not be *IN* the object, they could be in
> a parallel file (next to, or similar place) and the debugger knows how
> to find the corresponding symbol files for each library.

Aha! Turns out I somehow had the libc6-dbg package installed. Removing
it fixes the 'No such file or directory' issue.

It still prints 'Continuing.', but I'll have to sit down with the DDD
manual and see what it's doing to fix that.


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