Problem with continue/halt

Freddie Chopin
Fri Jun 27 07:23:00 GMT 2014

OK, I'm getting closer... Wit this commit it still works fine:;a=commit;h=41aa47b48f0794fdfccc0f2c283433d8e35c5a2c

With this one (3 days later) doing "continue" causes the freeze:;a=commit;h=11b28b91b2c51898e1347e62909811cc7dd720ea

Browsing through the commits I suspect this one ("enable target async by 
default; separate MI and target notions of async") to be the cause of 
the problem I'm seeing:;a=commit;h=329ea57934a9d4b250a0b417af1ec47bc2d0ceb6

I tried playing with the new options "set mi-async" and "set 
target-async" (both are set to off in here), but this makes no 
difference for me.

I'll verify that this is the commit that causes trouble and report back.


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