How I can force "gdb" for internal use command-messages only in English?

Joel Brobecker
Thu May 2 05:41:00 GMT 2013

[this is probably best discussed on gdb@, not gdb-patches@]

> As a Lazarus user (IDE for Pascal programming language), I found some
> problems using it in Ubuntu 13.04, these problems are described here,
> lazarus forums. The problems are not caused by "gdb".
> Basically the problem occurs because some commands that sends "gdb" to
> the IDE are translated into "Spanish" and the IDE looks texts these
> commands in English.
> The proposed solution is to force "gdb" utilize the English language
> for commands. Is this possible? Like I can do?

If Lazarus is depending on the language used by GDB to be English,
it sounds like Lazarus should override the user's environment in
terms of i18n. Typically, the language is determined via the LANG
and/or LC_* environment variables, so it should be able to force
English by setting LANG/LC_ALL et al to Eg. "C" before starting GDB.


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