GDB fast tracepoint query

Suchakrapani Datt Sharma
Thu May 2 02:19:00 GMT 2013


> AFAIU, the fast tracepoint jump pad will always be there if a trace
> experiment is running (with at least one active fast tracepoint set),
> which means GDB will take the path through the fast tracepoint's jump
> pad, save whatever needs to be saved, execute actions and then exit
> through the jump pad again. So there should be some small overhead there
> even if no actions are actually executed.
> As for the time when the instruction is modified, it is during the trace
> experiment startup, during "tstart". "ftrace" or "trace" will just
> register the tracepoint internally inside gdb.
> Luis

Thanks a lot for the info :) Sorry for the late reply


Suchakrapani Datt Sharma
Laboratorie DORSAL
École Polytechnique de Montréal

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