Two quick questions

Christopher Faylor
Tue Nov 29 20:56:00 GMT 2011

On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 09:33:24AM +0600, Andrey Smirnov wrote:
>>>I don't know much about that one, and who might have created an
>>>account for you. For GDB, we've transitioned to buzilla, as you
>>>have found. We used to use gnats, but no more.
>> Wow, that's ancient. ?I need to move that message into the 21st century.
>> Also, I suspect that the script shouldn't be creating bugzilla accounts
>> at all.
>I tried to use the credentials in the message to log into Bugzilla
>and it didn't work. So I think it doesn't.

I wasn't implying that it was silently creating bugzilla accounts.  I meant
that I don't think that the script which generates the welcome message should
try to generate any account for bugzilla in any circumstances.  It does this
for gcc but, generally, people already have a bugzilla account when they
gain access.


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