Two quick questions

Joel Brobecker
Mon Nov 28 15:38:00 GMT 2011

>      1. Since neither
>      nor
>      mentions this, or at least yours myopic truly haven't noticed it,
>      I wonder what is the GDB's allegiance in the Tabs, Spaces, Tabs +
>      Spaces holy war? Who are the infidels we must crush? :) The
>      reason I'm asking is that I don't want to generate false diffs
>      just because I re-indented the line in different style.

We use tabs mostly, optionally followed by spaces if a line of code
doesn't exactly start at a tabulation. Although it's perfectly fine
to tabify a line of code that you're modifying, I would personally
prefer that you don't touch lines just for the sake of tabifying.
Others might disagree (hence the "personally"), but these little
changes don't bring anything in terms of readability, mess up the
indentation when reading diffs, and also potentially create merge
conflicts for changes that are essentially no-ops.

>      Where is that "gdb GNATS bug reporting database"? I can't help but
>      feel guilty for being a security threat, but I just can't find it.
>      There is a Bugzilla, I've seen it, but those two don't seem to be
>      related.

I don't know much about that one, and who might have created an
account for you. For GDB, we've transitioned to buzilla, as you
have found. We used to use gnats, but no more.


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