support for DWARF extensions used by GCC 4.7?

Tom Tromey
Wed Nov 9 14:21:00 GMT 2011

>>>>> "Nathan" == Nathan Ridge <> writes:

Nathan> "GCC now supports various new GNU extensions to the DWARF debugging 
Nathan> information format, like entry value and call site information, typed 
Nathan> DWARF stack or a more compact macro representation.  Support for these 
Nathan> extensions will come in GDB 7.4. They can be disabled through the
Nathan>     -gstrict-dwarf command-line option."

Nathan> Has this support been added to GDB trunk?


Nathan> I ask because I am trying to debug a program built with GCC trunk,
Nathan> with GDB trunk, and I am experiencing all sorts of weird behaviour
Nathan> (breakpoints being ignored, no line number given when a breakpoint
Nathan> is reached, inability to step into functions) that is usually
Nathan> indicative of the generated debug info format and the format expected
Nathan> by the debugger not being in sync.

Nathan> On the other hand, adding -gstrict-dwarf when compiling does not
Nathan> help, so it may be a different issue...

Yeah, probably so.  If you have reasonably easy ways to reproduce the
bugs, we're interested -- file in bugzilla.


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