support for DWARF extensions used by GCC 4.7?

Nathan Ridge
Tue Nov 8 20:13:00 GMT 2011


The following in stated on the GCC website [1]:

"GCC now supports various new GNU extensions to the DWARF debugging 
information format, like entry value and call site information, typed 
DWARF stack or a more compact macro representation.  Support for these 
extensions will come in GDB 7.4. They can be disabled through the
    -gstrict-dwarf command-line option."

Has this support been added to GDB trunk?

I ask because I am trying to debug a program built with GCC trunk,
with GDB trunk, and I am experiencing all sorts of weird behaviour
(breakpoints being ignored, no line number given when a breakpoint
is reached, inability to step into functions) that is usually
indicative of the generated debug info format and the format expected
by the debugger not being in sync.

On the other hand, adding -gstrict-dwarf when compiling does not
help, so it may be a different issue...



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