Tracepoints and Timestamps

Stan Shebs
Mon Nov 7 16:15:00 GMT 2011

On 11/7/11 6:53 AM, Abhishek Karoliya wrote:
> Hi Hui,
>     Thanks for the pointer ... However after going through the
> gdbserver source code, I realise that there is no tracepoint support
> for linux-ppc. So now I have a even bigger problem on my hand.
> Does anyone know if I can ppc tracepoint support being actively
> developed and if I can lay my hands on this experimental code.

The tracepoint support in GDBserver is pretty generic, and if you don't 
need fast tracepoints, there's not really anything that is arch-specific.

I would suggest enabling target_supports_tracepoints for ppc and letting 
us know how it goes.  If it "just works", then we could change the 
target_supports_tracepoints test to make it unconditional - fast 
tracepoint support has its own availability check at runtime, it could 
subsume the architecture check.


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