GDB <MULTIPLE> breakpoints, source lines

Peter Wainwright
Sat Feb 14 09:29:00 GMT 2009


I'm the maintainer of DDD.  I have some questions about the intent of
the gdb <MULTIPLE> breakpoints.

"info break" returns several lines for each breakpoint, e.g.

2.1                         y     0x00007f2e2090c4d4 in
VoxelBuffer<char>::buffer_type() const
                                               at ../
2.2                         y     0x00007f2e2090c540 in
VoxelBuffer<unsigned char>::buffer_type() const at ../
2.3                         y     0x00007f2e2090c5ac in
VoxelBuffer<short>::buffer_type() const
                                               at ../

The info page on breakpoints mentions 3 use cases: constructors,
templates, and inlined functions.  In all 3 cases the multiple locations
are generated from a single source line.  However, the "info break"
display shows a source file and line number for each location.

My question is: are there any circumstances in which you can get a
different source file or line for each location?


Peter Wainwright

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