Trouble with GDB/MI output

Uri Moszkowicz
Thu Feb 19 22:07:00 GMT 2009

Hi Nick,
Yes I'm sorry that I forgot to mention that. I was using I quickly browsed through commit messages since then
and didn't see anything relevant. I just tried the newest version
( anyway and the problem still exists. Setting
inferior-tty to /dev/stdout results in the output going nowhere.
Setting it to /dev/pts/21 (from "tty") bypasses the file redirect. Not
sure how "inferior-tty" would help me.


On Sat, Feb 14, 2009 at 3:32 PM, Nick Roberts <> wrote:
>  > The funny thing is the program output seems to go straight to my
>  > terminal, making redirection useless. I get this warning:
>  >
>  > &"warning: GDB: Failed to set controlling terminal: Operation not permitted\n"
> Thiago Bauermann fixed a bug in GDB, just after the release of 6.8, to allow
> GDB to set the controlling terminal of the inferior.  You don't say what
> version of GDB you are using but, assuming it's 6.8 or earlier, you could try
> GDB in the CVS repository (or a snapshot) to see if that works with your CPAN
> module.
> --
> Nick                                 

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