Wiki: Started a page on how to write testcases for GDB

Joel Brobecker
Sat Dec 26 05:56:00 GMT 2009

> I found that I was always asking myself the very same questions
> every time I have to write a new testcase, so I had this secret
> plan of writing a HOWTO, or a cookbook.  I have just started a new
> page in the GDB wiki, summarizing some of the things I know:

BTW: I should mention that the goal of this page is to help people
write consistent testcases, simplify their writing by pointing out
some useful convenience routines, helping avoiding common pitfals,
etc.  Right now, the testsuite looks  like a genetic experiment:
Every testcase is different from the other! To write a new testcase,
you marry two existing ones, they have lots of sex, and then start
producing new testcases that look like their parents, but are not
quite like their parents.


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