Symbol tables for separately linked pieces

Tom Tromey
Mon Jul 14 19:04:00 GMT 2008

>>>>> "Stan" == Stan Shebs <> writes:

Daniel> Yes - once we're rolling on that project, expect discussion on this
Daniel> list :-)

Stan> I'm kind of creeping on it now, mostly looking at symbol table code to
Stan> get an idea of what to change. From the user point of view, it seems
Stan> pretty natural to extend the source-and-line concept to be
Stan> program-and-source-and-line with lots of defaulting, just as line
Stan> number alone has an implicit source file.

Stan> My chicken scratchings on paper tend to encourage the introduction of
Stan> a fully general many-to-many mapping between inferior processes and
Stan> objfiles, but I don't yet know if that is overly ambitious for this
Stan> round of hackery.

The earlier you can talk about your thoughts, and the more you can
say, the better.  It is ok by me if it is internally inconsistent or
missing things or whatever -- we (Red Hat) are also looking into
various debugger things and this kind of information definitely helps.


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