Move GDB to C++ ?

Vladimir Prus
Fri Jul 11 08:55:00 GMT 2008

Joel Brobecker wrote:

> I am way out of my league on this, but isn't it the case that:
>   - there's still some progress to be made to help debugging C++
>     in general (I might be VERY wrong on that one)

I think that the biggest issue with debugging C++ is that whenever you
have pointer to class Base, which actually points to object of class
Derived, and you want GDB to print the real type, GDB gives fits.
(Or maybe, I'm not sufficiently trained in asking GDB politely).

Second issue is that I don't think "step" via throw statement works -- you
need "catch catch".

I don't think the above issues are showstoppers -- there are workarounds,
and the issues must be fixed anyway.

The inline functions are not specific to C++, and templates -- well, there
are no issues debugging templates, and who needs templates outside of 
(well-debugged already) STL, anyway (*)?

Last time I checked, GDB had some bizarre logic to handle C++ namespaces,
but well, who needs namespaces (*)?

- Volodya

(*) Both templates and namespaces have important uses; but it does not seem
GDB, specifically, has much need of them.

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