Move GDB to C++ ?

Joel Brobecker
Fri Jul 11 06:26:00 GMT 2008

(I agree with Tom: Very Brave :)

> The subset of C++ that I like is pretty much that what is called C.  I
> don't think the benefits of using a few C++ outweighs the loss of the
> ability to compile GDB with a bog standard C compiler.

That would be my concern #1. I really think that it's a huge plus
to be able to build GDB with a C compiler. C++ compiler are just
not as common as C compilers, particularly on more exotic platforms.

My other major concern is debugability - I want to make sure that
if we agree on the transition, GDB will be as easy to debug as before.
I am way out of my league on this, but isn't it the case that:
  - there's still some progress to be made to help debugging C++
    in general (I might be VERY wrong on that one)
  - that stabs is not good enough to provide full C++ debugging support

I think that it's premature to transition GDB to C++. I am not going
to oppose patches that make the code more C++ friendly, these should
be harmless and help prepare the transition if we ever decide to
take that route.

Also, should a consensus in favor of C++ be reached, the Steering
Committee should be given an opportunity to say what they think.
I suspect that the SC's stance will be similar for both GCC and


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