Phasing out Dwarf 1?

Michael Elizabeth Chastain
Wed May 5 22:01:00 GMT 2004

Kean Johnston writes:
> At least 3 I know of: SCO, UnixWare ans Solaris x86. DG-UX may as well,
> but I cant swear to its native debugging format.

OpenServer and UnixWare:
  AFAIK, it's still FSF's policy to support SCO's platforms.  I disagree
  with this policy but if dwarf-1 is needed for OpenServer and UnixWare
  then gdb has to keep supporting dwarf-1.

Solaris X86:
  Mark, can you say anything about this?  What debug format does "cc -g"
  produce on a solaris x86 machine?

  I looked into this in February 2003.  Takis Psarogiannakopoulus
  developed a native toolchain for this platform based on dwarf-2.
  Takis said that his port is based on dwarf-2.  More importantly,
  Takis said that the FSF version of gdb has *never* worked on dg-ux
  (his emphasis) and might as well just be removed.

  The FSF sent Takis a copyright assignment.  I don't know if he
  executed it or not, but he balked at getting a disclaimer from
  his employer.  And nobody has done any work to merge Takis's
  work back into FSF gdb.

  Since last year, EMC (the owner of Data General) has put all
  their web pages for dg-ux support behind a login barrier and
  requires a support contract to read them.  So I can't say what
  has happened with dg-ux lately.  As of 2003-02, the most recent
  version of dg-ux was DG/UX 4.20MU07, released 2001-04.

Michael C

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