Phasing out Dwarf 1?

Michael Elizabeth Chastain
Wed May 5 21:33:00 GMT 2004

Andrew Cagney writes:
> If you installed operating system X, including the vendor compiler, and 
> typed `cc -g ..` would the debug format be dwarf-1?
> Of those, how many do we still support.

It's kinda difficult to answer any question about "for all operating
system X ...".  I don't know!

For the question "for all operating system X such that gdb HEAD has
configuration machinery", someone could in principle answer that
question by checking all the systems in  However we
don't even check that all those systems build before releasing gdb (or,
if someone does check, nobody publishes a report on gdb@ or gdb-testers@
about it).  I don't know how many of the systems in
come with a non-gcc vendor compiler that emits dwarf-1.

For the question "for all operating system X such that someone has
mailed a test report to gdb-testers about that OS in the past N years",
I could research that.  But it would take a lot of time, and I'd rather
drop my proposal and keep dwarf-1 as-is until somebody draws up an
explicit list of supported operating systems and compilers for gdb.

Michael C

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