Improving GDB startup time with large programs

Nick Savoiu
Sun May 2 23:11:00 GMT 2004

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the quick reply.

> Which version of gdb are you using?

I'm currently using 6.1 to which I have just upgraded. However, it seems about 
15% slower at startup than 6.0 despite my expectations that it would be 

> What platform are you running on?

I'm running on RedHat 8.0.

> Is it native or cross?  If it's cross, what is the target platform?

It's a native debugger.

> What language is your program written in?

95% C++

> What compiler and debug options are you using on your program?

I'm using g++ 3.2 with '-Wall -Wno-unused -g'

> The answer is probably 'file a PR with lots of information about what
> you are doing, and then do some profiling on gdb to help us out, and
> then maybe the next release of gdb will be faster'.

How do I profile gdb?


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