Improving GDB startup time with large programs

Michael Elizabeth Chastain
Sun May 2 22:49:00 GMT 2004

Which version of gdb are you using?
What platform are you running on?
Is it native or cross?  If it's cross, what is the target platform?
What language is your program written in?
What compiler and debug options are you using on your program?

The answer is probably 'file a PR with lots of information about what
you are doing, and then do some profiling on gdb to help us out, and
then maybe the next release of gdb will be faster'.

If you are running gdb 6.0 or earlier, and if your program is written in
C++, then gdb 6.1 will load faster because of its new C++ demangler.
That's the major speed improvement lately that I'm aware of.  Daniel J
knows a lot more about other speed improvements than I do.

Michael C

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