Post GDB 6.2, require new frame code

Jim Blandy
Mon Jun 21 08:44:00 GMT 2004

Michael Mueller <> writes:
> The new frame infrastructure is dwarf2 based if I understand that
> correctly. Does that mean that all stabs support will go away after
> 6.2?

No --- "GDB's new frame infrastructure" is not the same as "Dwarf 2
Call Frame Information".  The latter is just one frame unwinding
mechanism that can be plugged into the former.  "Whatever GDB always
used to do to unwind frames before Dwarf 2 CFI came along" is another
thing you can plug into the new frame infrastructure.

So, STABS support will not go away.  (STABS doesn't actually provide
unwinding information, the way Dwarf 2 does.)  But using the new frame
infrastructure means that it's trivial to make your target support
Dwarf 2 CFI when it happens to be available.

What Andrew wants to get rid of is targets that are still using
set_gdbarch_deprecated_mumble in their *_gdbarch_init and *_init_abi
functions.  STABS-based targets can be readily upgraded to leave
behind the deprecated interfaces.

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