Post GDB 6.2, require new frame code

Michael Mueller
Mon Jun 21 07:54:00 GMT 2004

The new frame infrastructure is dwarf2 based if I understand that 
correctly. Does that mean that all stabs support will go away after 6.2?

(I'm using gdb to debug Sun C compiled programs on Solaris/SPARC. The 
current version Sun C 5.5 can output dwarf2 but the default still is 
stabs and it seems they just have started the transition to dwarf2).


Andrew Cagney wrote:
> GDB's new frame infrastructure was introduced more than a year ago
> (dwarf2-frame added May '03) and then included in the 6.0 and 6.1
> releases.  Since that introduction, we've seen:
>     alpha ARM AVR CRIS d10v FRV
>     PA-RISC i386 ia64 m32r m68hcll
>     m68k m88k mips ppc s390 sh4
>     sparc vax
> all updated to this new framework.  Unfortunately, though, we're still
> left with a few architectures relying on the old framework.
> We're now faced with the problem of what to do with the remaining
> architectures.  The choices I see are:
> - continue to support the legacy framework
> - convert the remaining architectures
> - phase out the remaining architectures
> So as to avoid the problem of this dragging on indefinitely, we need to
> establish a clear schedule by which all architectures are expected to
> have been updated.  To that end:
> - make GDB 6.2 the last release to support the legacy frame code
> - in 6.2 NEWS, list unconverted architectures as about to be obsoleted
> - Post 6.2 release, obsolete any remaining architectures
> comments,
> Andrew

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