GDB 6.2 release schedule?

Michael Elizabeth Chastain
Fri Jun 18 15:43:00 GMT 2004

mec> 1677 is probably easy to fix.  1650 looks significantly deeper.
mec> The problem with 1650 is that gdb HEAD randomly gets internal errors,
mec> but gdb 6.1 does not, on the same test script.
ac> These worry me

I'll be looking at 1650 over the weekend.  I doubt that I can fix it
but I can analyze it some more.

ac> (btw, no one got around to moving selftest.exp to 
ac> testsuite/gdb.gdb/ :-).

Is there a PR for it?

ac> But these don't. Presumably being ISA specific its possible to have 
ac> fixes easily pulled into the branch.

Good point.  Some of them are probably hppa-specific or hpux-specific
and easy to fix.

But some of the problems involve watchpoints, so it might be something
that happens on several arches besides hppa-hpux.  All I really know is
that it happens on hppa-hpux and does not happen on i686-linux.

I have to roll up my sleeves and do a bunch of cvs narrowing, which
is a pain on the hp test drive cluster.

Michael C

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