Small backtrace tool?

Ronny L Nilsson
Mon Jun 14 13:17:00 GMT 2004

> Since GDB is quite big on disk and ain't suited for non-interactive
> small-sized embedding I've created a backtracetool of my own. Sized
> to about 12 kb it sure ain't full of features but can parse a Linux
> i386 corefile and show a simplified backtrace. My question is, are
> there any tools available doing this already (besides gdb), or is it
> worth the effort continue my work?

Regarding this issue I'm woundering if anyone could give me a hint of 
when Linux is using "signal trampolines"? When reading in 
gdb/i386-linux-tdep.c large portion of it handles them but I can't get 
the kernel to generate them. Using a simple signal handler in my 
userspace test-app seems not enough.


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