Small backtrace tool?

Ronny L Nilsson
Sat Jun 12 01:06:00 GMT 2004

I'm wondering if anyone can tip me with how/where to get a 
minimalistic, stript gdb for doing embedded backtraces? For an embedded 
project of mine I would like to insert the backtrace feature into the 
system. This way it can do "self" diagnostics of app-crashes. (Only 
text based logfiles are availible as feedback, can't get the binary 
corefiles. Hence the analyze must be made onboard.)

Since GDB is quite big on disk and ain't suited for non-interactive 
small-sized embedding I've created a backtracetool of my own. Sized to 
about 12 kb it sure ain't full of features but can parse a Linux i386 
corefile and show a simplified backtrace. My question is, are there any 
tools available doing this already (besides gdb), or is it worth the 
effort continue my work?

Best regards
/Ronny Nilsson

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