FW: [Gdb-discuss] Style Conventions for Documentation?

Mann, Benjamin (Jr) ben.mann@hp.com
Wed Jun 9 16:27:00 GMT 2004


Can you help me out?  I am looking for style convention information used
in the GNU documentation, if such guidelines exist. 

Jim Blandy recommended I submit the query to you. If there's a better,
more appropriate way to find the information I seek, please let me know.

See my message (and Jim's reply) below.

Thank you.

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"Mann, Benjamin (Jr)" <ben.mann@hp.com> writes:
> I am a technical editor who has been asked to review the HP WDB 
> version of Debugging with GDB.  Please forgive my ignorance of 
> information that may be readily available; this is my first exposure 
> to open source documentation.  I have been unable to find any 
> guidelines or reference information on your Web site about the 
> preferred writing style and typographic conventions for GNU-related 
> documentation.
> Do you have, or know where I might find, a listing of typographic
> conventions that are recommended for use in the documentation?
> there have been many contributors to the documentation (from many 
> companies and with different points of view), many styles are 
> implemented for similar items.  For example, sometimes command options

> are in single quotes, sometimes not.  Or lead-ins to lists or code 
> examples sometimes end with a colon, sometimes with no punctuation, 
> and sometimes with a period.
> As an editor I value consistency (among other things like clear 
> writing, conciseness, and so forth), so I am looking for any guidance 
> about writing style preferences you have or know of, if any.
> Thank you for any direction you can provide.

Probably the best place to post this question would be
gdb@sources.redhat.com.  Eli Zaretskii <eliz@elta.co.il> is our
documentation maintainer; he's listed in gdb/MAINTAINERS.

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