[Gdb] removing src/dejagnu, src/expect

Jim Ingham jingham@apple.com
Mon Jun 7 21:37:00 GMT 2004

Note, there are some local patches to Expect to switch the regular 
expression engine that Expect uses from the new Unicode aware version 
back to the original Henry Spencer one that shipped with Tcl 7.x.  A 
copy of the old Tcl regexp code was pulled into the src/ version of 
Expect.  This was done because the new regular expression engine was 
subtly different from the old one, this might cause spurious testsuite 
failures.  The ChangeLog for this is:

2001-07-09  Ian Roxborough  <irox@redhat.com>

         * tclParse-compat.c: New file.
         * tcl_regexp.c:
         * tcl_regexp.h: New file.  Contains Tcl8.0's regexp.
         * Makefile.in: Added new files to be compiled and linked.
         * exp_clib.c (exp_expectl, exp_fexpectl):
         * exp_inter.c (in_keymap, Exp_InteractCmd ):
         * exp_regexp.c (regtry, regdump, regprop):
         * expect.c (parse_expect_args, eval_case_string,
           exp_background_filehandler, Exp_ExpectCmd):
         * expect.h:
         * expect_comm.h:
         * Dbg.c (breakpoint_test, cmdBreak): Use newly built in
           regexp, not external Tcl regexp.
         * exp_tty.c (exec_stty):
         * exp_command.c (Exp_CloseCmd, Tcl_CloseCmd): Handle Tcl API
           changes in Tcl8.3.

I just reran the gdb testsuite - on the Apple gdb but this shouldn't 
make much difference - with the Expect 5.38 from the SourceForge 
sources, and with Tcl 8.4.4, also from SourceForge, and I didn't see 
any new failures compared with the expect & tcl from src/.  But this 
ought to be more broadly tested - and particularly with the gcc 
testsuite, before you do this switch.

Needless to say, the Expect folks are not very likely to take Ian's 
patch, since all it does is downgrades the regexp engine - sticking a 
second copy in the Expect sources...  So if there are new failures, 
then somebody is going to have to go through and clean up the 


On Jun 7, 2004, at 1:50 AM, gdb-digest-help@sources.redhat.com wrote:

> On Sat, Jun 05, 2004 at 10:39:42AM -0400, Michael Chastain wrote:
>>> At yesterday's GCC Summit testing BOF, there was a strong concensus
>>> that these directories should be removed from the src tree and that
>>> developers should install the latest releases of Expect and Dejagnu
>>> from their distribution/packaging system or from a source tarball at
>>> ftp.gnu.org.
>> Err, I'm kinda surprised that the "GCC Summit" has enough src/
>> people to make decisions about src/.  Are Andrew Cagney (gdb)
>> and Daniel Jacobowitz (binutils) there?
> Yes (although I skipped the testing BOF out of sleepiness :).
> I'm redirecting this to the main GDB list.
> -- 
> Daniel Jacobowitz

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