Registry Group

Alexiev, Dobrin
Thu Dec 16 16:44:00 GMT 2004

I am working with the Eclipse C Development Tools community to add a
feature that will group registers in the Register View of Eclipse. 

Since embedded CPUs have lots of peripheral registers (50-100+) it is
getting a burden for the developer to keep scrolling the registry view
to find the right register. A grouping will make the user experience way

Since the IDE is relying on the GDB for most of the device information I
was wandering if there is a similar MI/GDB command to obtain the name of
the groups and their registers association. 

In our product we added such command "-data-list-register-groups". The
syntax of the command is: 
It is created similar to "-data-list-register-names".

I found opened enhancement request for this - "850 - Missing MI
interface to register groups". In case that is not implemented we can
offer to submit patch for GDB that will support this command. 

Any other ideas will be appreciated. 

Dobrin Alexiev
Texas Instruments 

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