Registry Group

Andrew Cagney
Sat Dec 18 01:03:00 GMT 2004

Alexiev, Dobrin wrote:
> I am working with the Eclipse C Development Tools community to add a
> feature that will group registers in the Register View of Eclipse. 
> Since embedded CPUs have lots of peripheral registers (50-100+) it is
> getting a burden for the developer to keep scrolling the registry view
> to find the right register. A grouping will make the user experience way
> better. 
> Since the IDE is relying on the GDB for most of the device information I
> was wandering if there is a similar MI/GDB command to obtain the name of
> the groups and their registers association. 
> In our product we added such command "-data-list-register-groups". The
> syntax of the command is: 
> -data-list-register-groups
> ^done,register-groups=[{name="r0",group="GRP1"},{name="r8",group="GRP2"}
> ]

Sure! have you looked at the output from:
	(gdb) maint print register-groups
as it should make a good starting point.

I suspect that the output should be more like:
(the MI syntax police will quickly point out the exact syntax :-).


(I don't see anything on file for TI, I'll send you something off line. 
  Nothing to stop you sorting out the spec though).

> It is created similar to "-data-list-register-names".
> I found opened enhancement request for this - "850 - Missing MI
> interface to register groups". In case that is not implemented we can
> offer to submit patch for GDB that will support this command. 
> Any other ideas will be appreciated. 
> Thanks
> Dobrin Alexiev
> Texas Instruments 

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