Not seeing target output in GDB/MI

Andrew Cagney
Sun Dec 12 15:25:00 GMT 2004

> - Is there a way to see the target output (stdout) unbuffered or line 
> buffered
>   and still using pipes to comminucate with gdb?
> - Why is the target output not visible in the target-stream-output 
> described in the
>   MI documentation (e.g. prefixed by @)? I see it just as any other output
>   coming from gdb without any indication that it comes from the target.

MI was first developed on a remote target where implementing this was 
relatively easy.  That isn't the case for native and the code was never 
written.   Instead, as you note for DDD, native MI clients use 'gdb 

Perhaphs the thing to do here is deprecate the MI mechanism and 
recommend -tty for both native and remote cases (this of course will 
mean that the remotes need to be changed).


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