[RFC] what to do with hpux-specific solib features

Kevin Buettner kevinb@redhat.com
Tue Dec 7 00:15:00 GMT 2004

On Mon, 6 Dec 2004 15:01:05 -0800
Randolph Chung <randolph@tausq.org> wrote:

> There are a bunch of features that are only implemented currently for
> the SOM and pa64 solib handlers for HP-UX. Do we want to support these
> elsewhere? do we want to get rid of them?
> e.g.
> Dynamically-linked library events may be caught:
>         catch load                - loads of any library
>         catch load <libname>      - loads of a particular library
>         catch unload              - unloads of any library
>         catch unload <libname>    - unloads of a particular library

This provides a more fine grained way of stopping on particular events
than "set stop-on-solib-events", right?

It seems to me that this functionality might occasionally be useful
elsewhere.  However, I wouldn't let that hold you up if you're
attempting to convert over to the generic solib machinery.  It seems
to me that such functionality could be implemented in a generic
fashion (by noticing when a shared library is added to or removed from
the global list), and as such, could be added back at any time.


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