*** [ser-tcp.o] Error 1 on alpha!

Matthew H Bemis bemis@iol.unh.edu
Sat Jun 22 10:23:00 GMT 2002

I agree it is not caused by the patch, but not many people test their
patches on alpha.
We download from cvs every day and build this.  We have a stable build
system.  I can give you a cvs snapshot of when we took the source code from
cvs if you'd like, and I can also provide any other information about the
host machine upon request.
I have all of the build logs available too if you'd like to see them got to:
for alpha goto:
and click on the X-configure.blog log to see the configuration,and the
X-make.blog for the compilation error

to see alpha daily builds goto:

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From: Andrew Cagney [mailto:ac131313@cygnus.com]
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The problem below is from something other than the patch.  I suspect a
configuration / host problem - for some reason, there isn't a definition
of FIONBIO available?


> /mnt/u9/toolchain/buildsys/source/toolchain/gdb/ser-tcp.c:112: `FIONBIO'
> undeclared (first
>  use in this function)
> /mnt/u9/toolchain/buildsys/source/toolchain/gdb/ser-tcp.c:112: (Each
> undeclared identifier
>  is reported only once
> /mnt/u9/toolchain/buildsys/source/toolchain/gdb/ser-tcp.c:112: for each
> function it appear
> s in.)

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