support for different sized FPU registers

Peter Barada
Mon Jun 3 07:06:00 GMT 2002

>The most immediate thing that is needed is for the m68k family to be 
>up-dated to the new multi-arch framework.  Once that is done, handling 
>both a coldfire and an m68k is fairly mechanical.  Check other targets 
>such as PPC, xstormy16, mn10300 for examples.

I've hacked together a 'set m68kfpu' command to switch the fpu length,
and that seems to work for me.

Is there a document anywhere that has a 'recipe' for converting a old
back-end into a new and improved multi-arched framework?

>Do you have an FSF assignment in place?

I'm working on convincing the lawyers that the FSF assignment is a
good thing(tm).... 

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