support for different sized FPU registers

Andrew Cagney
Sat Jun 1 15:33:00 GMT 2002

> I'm trying to add GDB remote support for the ColdFire v4e, and I'm
> running into problems with the FPU register definitions.
> On the ColdFire v4e, the FPU registers are 64 bit, but the gdb is
> expecting 96 bit register values from a 68881.  As a result I'm
> getting some 'Remote reply is too short' messages from gdb when the
> stub responds to a 'g' packet and on the host the register contents
> are all wrong(from 'info reg').
> What's the best way of telling gdb(for the coldfire portion of a
> m68k-elf configured build) that the FPU registers are only 64 bits
> instead of 96)?  I still want this configuration to support 040s and
> 060s which have the 96 bit FPU registers as well as a ColdFire's 64
> bit FPU registers...

The most immediate thing that is needed is for the m68k family to be 
up-dated to the new multi-arch framework.  Once that is done, handling 
both a coldfire and an m68k is fairly mechanical.  Check other targets 
such as PPC, xstormy16, mn10300 for examples.

Do you have an FSF assignment in place?


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