GDB remote interface to HP's JTAG emulator probe for ARM7TDMI

Quality Quorum
Wed Jun 27 18:46:00 GMT 2001

On Wed, 27 Jun 2001, Paul Solorzano wrote:

> Hi,
> Has anybody done a remote interface (remote-xx.c files) for GDB running
> on solaris, and interfacing to a ARM7TDMI target remotely using
> Agilent's (HP's) Embedded ICE emulation probe?

I had developed gdb target interface to the IBM RiscWatch, which in turn 
had HP JTAG inside, it was truly unremarkable feat.

1. RiscWatch was driven by cli commands, I made a few experiments 
to figure out exact format.

2. I wrote target using ppcbug-rom.c as prototype. The only problem was
that it was also required to modify monitor.c

I suspect that something similar could be done for the case you are
asking if you can make your ICE talk to your SUN. 

Also, I wrote an extensible GDB remote protocol translator 
( ) it allows 
(among other things) to bridge cross-gdb running on one platform with
practically any debug tool running on say WinNT. 

Currently it has implemented Wigglers for MPC860, it does not seem like 
a major feat to implement another target. So, if your ICE has to be 
connected to WinNT machine and your development environment is on SUN, 
rproxy will help you.

Naturally, it is all GPL'ed.

> Thanks,
> Paul.



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