prgregset_t vs gdb_gregset_t on Linux: not the same!

Mark Kettenis
Sat Jun 9 11:50:00 GMT 2001

"H . J . Lu" <> writes:

> I believe your Linux/MIPS patch is wrong. Please follow the examples in
> linux/alpha, linux/i386 and linux/ppc. Basically, you have to include
> config/tm-linux.h and config/nm-linux.h from the linux/mips header
> files. But in order to do that, please make sure you do
> #include <nm-linux.h>
> #include <tm-linux.h>
> not
> #include "nm-linux.h"
> #include "tm-linux.h"
> Otherwise, you may not get the header files you want since mips has
> both liltle and big endians. Once you have done that, your problem
> should go away.



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