Exception configuration with GDB & MPC823

Asier Santamaria epg9002@dcs.napier.ac.uk
Fri Sep 22 09:07:00 GMT 2000

I'm a new user of GDB and I have some problems to configure my FADS823
I'm using Insight 5.0 compiled for the powerpc-eabi and I'm using the rproxy
for the tcp remote debug.
I need to configure my board for the debug mode and I've created the
.gdbinit file with my configuration.
The problem is that when I'm debugging I use to receive the SIGTRAP signal
going to the exceptions routines. I'd like to disable this exceptions and I
think that I can do that modifying the DER register with the mtspr
instruction, but I don't know how can I access to the spr registers using
For example the configuration file for the Windows Code Warrior uses the
next instructions:

writespr	638		0xFF000000 # IMMR
writereg	MSR		0x00001002 # MSR
writespr	27		0x00001002 # SRR1
writespr	158		0x00000007 # ICTRL
writemem.l	0xFF000004	0xFFFFFF88 # SYPCR
writemem.l	0xFF000284	0x00500000 # PLPRCR - 25MHz
writemem.l  0xff000000  0x01012440 # SIUMCR

Someone can help me to translate the writespr instruction to GDB? or how can
I solve the exceptions problem?

Many thanks!
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