Question reCompilation Directories $cdir in GDB (CrossWind - Tornado )

Alexander Povolotsky
Fri Sep 8 10:47:00 GMT 2000


I am new at using gnu gcc/gdb ....

I will be very thankful if someone could answer my following question:

I am using WindRiver Systems CrossWind (which is somewhat modified v. 
4.12 of GDB). Sorry for "blast from the past" but that is what WRS has 
only available in Tornado 1.0.1 ... We are using Solaris 2.7 as the host 
and Clearmake. The shell is "bash". My question is related to the fact 
(or at least it is my guess) that symbolic debugging information, which is 
seems to be saved  in object files (when compiled with gcc's option "-g"  
) includes also information re fully qualified path(s) (i.e. 
hierarchical directories branch) where source files were residing during 
the compilation and in GDB this info is read and kept in $cdir (please 
correct me if I am wrong in my guess ).  What if  by  the time
 when I am going to use GDB, the source files got moved into other 
directories (than original compilation directories ) ?  Is this problem 
handled/resolved in latest versions of gcc/gdb (like GDB 4.18 or GDB 5.0 
) ? and if yes how ?

Best Regards,
Alex Povolotsky

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