gdb doesn't work very well with dynamic linked binaries

Mark Kettenis
Wed Sep 6 04:58:00 GMT 2000


Thanks for reporting these issues to the GDB lists, and sorry for not
getting back to you earlier.

It's unfortunate that these bugs exist in the Linux kernel, especially
if Linux 2.2.17 contains a partial fix, but Linux 2.4 doesn't.
However, I don't think I can be much of a help here.  I'm not very
familiar with the relevant parts of the kernel so I don't feel I can
advocate your patch for you (which doesn't mean that it isn't right,
just that I don't know enough about it).

The only advice I can offer is: keep trying.  If you have a tested
patch for Linux 2.4, send it directly to Linus, and if the patch
doesn't appear in the next (test)-release, send it again.  Repeat this
until the patch has been integrated or has been rejected.

As for the unresolved issues: try sending a message to the
linux-kernel mailing list ( again.  It
might be that the people interested in fixing the problems simply
missed it, or were too busy when you first sent it.


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